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"If you could say something to your 10-year-old self, what would it be?"​

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Today I have received the best possible notification on my LinkedIn profile. Richard Branson invited me to subscribe to his “Ask Richard” newsletter. I wish he has sent me this one literally by himself, but I accepted the invite anyways.

As a #MarCom professional, I am already subscribed to hundreds of newsletters (so I could check out the competition / inspire myself or actually buy something), but this one really caught my attention, since Richard Branson is one of my favorite business personas.

I quote him almost on a daily basis, and now that I have read his response on what he would say to his 10-year-old self, I started to appreciate him even more.

Then I thought about the question itself, so I tried to ask myself the same thing.

Unlike his, my childhood was actually quite perfect, and when I think about 10-year-old Dora, even 25 years after – I actually see that same happy little person, that causes mini heart attacks to her parents. The “only” difference from now and then is a gap called LIFE.

Aka - Wonderful journey full of lessons, beautiful and less beautiful moments, struggles, memories, and stories that I continue to “write” each and every day with the big smile on my face and heart full of joy… even on days when I can hardly see that light at the end of that dark tunnel we all face sometimes.

Yes, sometimes I can manage to smile through tears, and that is exactly what little Dora would do, knowing – the better days are on the way.

Some call it careless, We (Mini Me & I) call it invincible optimism.

So what would I actually say to her:


News flash – life is a very cruel place, and you will always find some people who won’t like you, because your spirt irritates their demons.

Don’t waste your time for adjusting to measures that are to small for your capacities. You will soon outgrowth them, and fish like you belongs to the ocean, not the fish tank. Let them adjust to you and your (high) standards. Not because you are great, but because you vibrate on a higher frequency.

Find your circus, find your monkeys, and enjoy the ride – all the way. Full gas! Because it’s great to have your own tribe. They will support you when you need it the most, and remove those clouds on a rainy days.

Read more. LEARN more. Remember that little note in your study books - “for those who would like to know more” – FIND OUT MORE! You will find it particularly useful later...

Start doing some sports. It will teach you discipline.

Don’t quit after the first obstacle, just because it seems too hard, or you are too lazy to do it.

Remember, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

PATIENCE my dear!

You are going to need it every step of the way! Just because you were lucky enough to have amazing parents that spoiled you like a princess, remember that you won’t always get things – how and WHEN you want them. Life will often punch you in the face for a reality check, but you will always find the way to fight back. Because you are strong, much stronger you think.

You are unstoppable You are a Porsche with no breaks You are so powerful You don't need batteries to play You are so confident

Do not let anybody turn off that light inside of you, just because your brightness hurts their eyes. In that case, borrow them sunglasses. (Pink ones, of course)

Listen to your parents more often even at times you disagree with them and think you know better. You don’t, you are only 10! Hug them tighter, kiss them more often, because 25 years from now you will be far away from your family and you will miss them unbearably. You are going to live “happily ever after” in your loving Dubai. Oh yeah, you will fall in love with this city and you will call it your second home.

You are versatile, and you can do whatever you want, but you are going to build up your career in tourism & hospitality. After spending almost a decade in that sparkly industry, eventually you will decide to join one amazing IT company in DIFC. You will be afraid of unknown, but you love challenges more than anything, and only that kind of adrenaline rush really boils your blood.

There you will surround yourself with people that will become your very, very extra-ordinary new family. It will be love at first sight, despite hundreds of obstacles, and they will teach you some of the best life lessons that will help you to grow - personally and professionally. They are all incredibly special, but so are you.

You will face some of the hardest decisions in your life, but eventually you will know you have made the right ones, and you will feel immensely PROUD of yourself.

And you should. But let me tell you - the best is yet to come, and you & I have a lot more to explore on this wonderful journey, so I can ask Mini Me the same question once again…


Hakuna Matata

Yours Sincerely,

Big You

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