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My CEO is better than yours!

I was never a „teacher's pet“, so this is definitely not something I am doing in order to win some extra points with my “boss” or to get a raise or a bonus (but won’t mind if I do) 😊 This is a story about the man who persuade me to make the biggest change in my career.

We met on LinkedIn, right before Christmas, when he told me that he is looking for a Head of Marketing and Communications for his Esyasoft Technologies company, based in Dubai, DIFC.

It was December, I was already in negotiations with couple of other companies in UAE, mostly hotels which were my only desire at that time in terms of my #dreamjob, despite the COVID-19 situation.

But since his approach was so professional, I was willing to hear more about this #IT opportunity. I never saw myself working in technology industry, especially because I always thought that tourism is part of my DNK, and hospitality the place where I will make my biggest impact and professional raise.

It took only one gentleman to prove me I was just a prisoner of my own comfort zone.

His name is Dr. Bipin Chandra and he is a founder and CEO at Esyasoft Technologies, established in 2014 in India, with a team of industry experts and application specialists.

With its deep expertise in the energy infrastructure, Esyasoft is helping utilities across the world transform their operations to unlock new horizons. By leveraging the power of technology and analytics, this company is providing solutions to the utilities enabling an end-to-end visibility and control over the grid – ensuring quality, reliability, security, and resilience of the energy infrastructure.

To be completely honest, it took me a couple of months to connect all the dots and to understand what these guys are actually doing, and yes, I am still learning…

There is one more fun fact which will not be funny at all to him when he finds out, but I actually never fully read any of his interviews before I decided to join his company. Of course, I googled him and some basic information about the working environment, but I was so focused on getting the job in luxury hospitality, that everything else at that point was irrelevant. Although, I did forward all those articles to my dad, just to get my family opinion about my potential employer.

I am quoting his response:

"The pandemic has allowed much time for reflection – on ourselves, the society we live in and how we can help those in need. As a company, for the last 4 years, Esyasoft has been supporting orphanages and participating in the Grant a Wish program – helping and celebrating Christmas with around 450 orphaned children across 6 NGOs in Bangalore. Social responsibility has always guided Bipin in everything he does, with his guiding principles being humility, and a moral obligation to help those in need."

...I really like this Bipin guy :)

And this is just a small portion of Doc, as we like to call our big boss. He is one of the most charismatic people I have ever met in my life, and only if you would be lucky enough to get to chance to meet him in person, you would know what I am exactly referring to.

At that time, when we had dozens of Zoom calls, and when I was sure I will sign the other offer, I thought to myself, whatever happens and regardless my final decision, I need to meet him once I come back to Dubai. He is just one of those people that has a great vibe, positive attitude (especially when he smiles) and you just feel good when you around his presence.

Just when I thought the whole hiring process will end up as peace of cake, he asked me to review 2020 Gartner “Market guide for Meter Data Management”, since Esyasoft Technologies has been named in that report, so I could prepare better for the next step of the interview I was about to have with their CTO.

I literally thought I will faint when I started to read all those high-tech pages, asking myself, do I really need this pressure in my life. But it was a challenge, and that is something I can never resist, probably just to prove myself I can succeed against all odds.

But he was the one that encouraged to me to grab the bull by the horns, along with my family who thought that joining this company would expand my professional horizons, giving me the opportunity to grow professionally on levels I have never imagine I could. I still wasn’t sure what to do and was struggling so hard with making decision – should I join so much desired Rixos team or will I eventually end up in a completely unknown territory. I was constantly looking for some sign, standing at this crossroad asking myself and all my loved ones - which “road” should I follow, and then I saw (again) Life of Pi, one of my favorite movies, showing on our Croatian telly that night when I finally decided – to live the Life of Bi-Pi-n.

Maybe it’s to early to say, but deep in my heart I know I have made the right decision and trust me when I say it had nothing to do with the “numbers”, nor the pandemic situation. It was all about him, his personality and him being so SMART along with his solutions.

Recently he had an interview for CNBC TV and their “Inspirational Brands – Make In India” series, where he talked about his entrepreneurship journey. Being his “PR guru”, had to review those questions first and that’s how I discovered some more great things about him, his leadership style and caring personality.

After graduating from NIT in Jamshedpur, he knew that a typical “9 to 5” job is not his cup of “chai” nor something he was ever destined to do, so I guess that’s why I am also blessed to have flexible office hours, and to no longer deal with those useless punch in /out scenarios as I always used to.

He is a person with a futuristic vision, passion, and dedication and those are the same parameters he is looking for while building the Esyasoft workforce. Dr. Chandra wanted to establish a company where like-minded people could join him on this journey of growth and success; all while enjoying a collaborative and open-minded working atmosphere. His only vision in his early beginnings was to be able to build a company with core values rooted in social responsibility – providing jobs and growth for his employees – as well as a sustainable business concept.

From first-hand experience, working culture within Esyasoft is based on trust, mutual respect, and empowerment. As he stated, he is always eager to employ people with a great talent, fantastic attitude, and strong ethics. I guess, that’s why he decided to hire me after all 😊

All of his employees are welcome to share thoughts and opinions along with bringing a valuable perspectives and insights. He will motivate, inspire, and mentor his team to achieve their goals, as well as identifying the right people for the right roles – appreciating a person’s potential. That kind of leadership approach certainly reflected in Esyasoft’s rapid growth from a start-up to a global entity. Today he is immensely proud he has been able to provide 100+ people with employment and creating value for his investors.

Becoming an entrepreneur always comes with a lot of risks, but those were the ones he was obviously willing to take. You know what they say – “If you can’t handle the heat, stay away from the fire” and his burning passion helped him to succeed in this mission.

By the end of the day, only that kind of “fire” can move you forward in the process of creating remarkable things that will leave your footprint in creating a better life for future generations.

I will use this opportunity to thank him once again for having a faith in me, seeing all my potentials, and for supporting me on this challenging but incredibly exciting journey.

For whatever the future holds, one thing is certain - I will always be grateful that at one point of time, I was part of his Esyasoft family.

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